Where do You Want to Go Today?

Have you discovered a meaningful life-purpose? Are you on a journey through a transition in life? Are you on the verge of a major decision, promotion, change in a relationship, or simply want to take your life, family, or career to the next level? 

Living to Win Life Coaching Plans*

Your coaching journey begins with a customized Grace-Shaped Personal Assessment© and Life-View Questionnaire© followed by one of the following plans that fit your needs and schedule:

  • 1-month Re-Focus Plan
  • 3-month Re-Start Plan
  • 6-month Transformation Plan
  • 12-month Victory Plan

*All coaching in the above plans is via phone and/or video conference calls, unless in-person coaching is arranged in advance. We feel so strongly that "Everyone Needs a Life Coach" that we will strive to work with you to make the Grace-Shaped Personal Assessment© and Living to Win© Life Coaching Plans© affordable!

Experiential Coaching

Coaching should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Your circumstances are as unique as you are. Therefore, for certain clients, based on progress in the coaching process, we offer a highly specialized Experiential Coaching opportunity to meet with your Shaped By Grace Life Coach on an adventure in the great outdoors. Whether it be hiking the Grande Canyon, or trekking in the Andes Mountains of South America, we recognize that sometimes life's journey requires us to, well, take a journey. Ask your Life Coach for more details.

Dr. Phil Calvert overlooking the Grand Canyon. Experience Life Coaching in the real world.

Life Coaching that Works!

Dr. Calvert has been a missionary, professor, entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and pastor. He has been coaching people in these various roles over the course of his career.  

During this time, he has seen significant and rapid changes and challenges in our culture. It is obvious that we’ve crossed a major threshold in our society. Not only does every person need a coach, but every professional is now a counselor, mentor, social worker, etc. In other words, you need a coach and you will be called upon in the normal course of life to help others. When you take this coaching journey with Dr. Calvert and his team, you will not only be in a better position to realize your life mission...you will also be better equipped to help others on their life journey as well. 

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